T-Shirt Workshops for Schools

To cater for the development of different ages of children we offer workshops for schools which help acheive the curriculum objectives relevant to their different stages. From pre school and young children, to primary school and high school children.

Design your own T-Shirts on Paper

This excercise allows children to decorate paper and design their own t-shirt using different art materials. These designs are then scanned into our print station and our staff then print them directly onto the garment of choice. This activity is great way to engage the imagination and can link in with specific topics and subjects which are being taught in the school. This process can also be utilised onto other items including mugs and bags which are the ideal take home gift for a parent or carer.

Design your own t-shirts on Computer

Primary aged children love to use computer based programmes to design their t-shirt and this can also mean taking images from the internet or seeking inspiration from their favourite characters. These images are then transfered via email or memory card and the children watch as their designs are printed and pressed onto their garment of choice.

School Enterprise Activity

For older children they can conduct the design and print process but also add in an element of enterprise to the activity, identifying a market for their t-shirts and then selling them. The students are given breakdown of costings to print including materials, electric and staffing costs which they have to then mitigate to ensure profit from the enterprise activity. This is a great way to encourage not only artistic and design skills but also mathematics and business knowledge.

All our T-Shirt workshops can be catered for classes of up to 35 children and feature a blend of different skills which are suitable for all ages. From simple, design and print classes to full enterprise initiatives this is a great way for children to engage with an activity which hits key aspects of the curriculum.