Corporate Event T-Shirt Printing

Our most popular event printing type is the corporate mobile t-shirt printing event. This is because it is versatile and instantly engaging for clients. There are many different set ups which will help you acheive your needs from the corporate event. Some top event mobile t-shirt printing objectives are listed below, but the end possibilities are endless.

  • Increase social media followers by offering t-shirt featuring their picture or logo, create a hashtag or have them tweet the picture to your official account increasing your twitter followers and creating a social media viral buzz.
  • Increase your brand awareness by printing bespoke t-shirts which also feature your own logo.
  • Improve staff morale with a funday featuring free t-shirt printing, coupled with a photo booth or celebrity appearance this will give your staff a great memory.
  • Create a viral buzz by playing t-shirt wordplay in public, using different designs or words you can create some very innovative viral campaigns, less is often more.
  • Keep kids occupied, check out school workshops for more ideas about events aimed at children and youths.

Our highly trained staff can be branded with your own branding to ensure that the mobile t-shirt printing station adds value and is quickly associated with your own brand, we can integrate into your trade stand at a trade show and require as little as two tables space to have a fully functioning print station.